Transformation Story: Charles Cole III

The beautiful thing about life is that we don’t have to amble down the same path, doing the same thing forever. Every day we wake up, every moment that we have, we are given the opportunity to make new choices, make different plans, and become everything we always dreamed of being.

This week’s transformation story is about Charles Cole III but it is also about the transformation of his parents and their family life.  Charles Cole III is an educator and public speaker who writes for publications such Huffington Post.  A few months ago, he published a story about his parents overcoming addiction to achieve their goals- one of which was to graduate from college.  Over the next month or so, this story went viral.  After watching a video about his parents, I contacted Charles to ask if I could share his story on Project Verve.

Charles grew up in an unstable home- his parents were both young and addicted to drugs.  Because of this instability, he was constantly being shuttled to different schools and into different living environments, including shelters.  He had a difficult time in school because he was having a difficult time at home.  Charles credits a middle school teacher with turning his life around.  “Mr. Brown…was able to connect with me and build my confidence in a way that no other teacher had.  He was hard on me.  He told me that I was responsible for me, no one else was.  I had to choose success. I had to choose to be different than what I saw.”

Charles, with the help of this teacher, made the decision to change his life- to be different than what he saw everyday.  And wonderfully, Charles’ determination in bettering his life, inspired his parents to better their own.  With the help of local sobriety programs, they were able to overcome their addiction and go back to school to get their degrees.

Charles and his parents are living examples that we are able to make life-changing choices everyday.   The road might be difficult and there might be obstacles along the way, but with determination, achieving our goals is always possible.

*Special thanks to Charles Cole III for sharing his story.  If you would like to learn more, here is a link to his article:

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